.net and j2ee Sessions

  I had been to Oxford Technical Fest, Magnetics O6.   It was typical Oxford fest with all royal arrangements.   There was some real good events..  There was interesting sessions from Microsoft, Sun Microsystem.   It was Gaurav Khanna from MS and some one  called Vineet Mittal from Sun Microsystem took the sessions.  As usual its always previlage to listen to Gaurav,  But this Guy from Sun Microsystem was really arrogant, ridiculous and you can add n number of adjectives such as those to portray..  i never expected a guy from SUN would be so cheap..  He was talking all rubbish.. It was sad to see the guy from SUN himselves didnt knew how to make the comparisions between these  two technologies.. He was comparing Java with .net.. (comparision b/w a Language and platform??).        Secondly his remarks were just baseless.   His session was punctuated with  foolishness and arrogance….

              I am not against any Technology let it be Java or .net or any other thing for that matter. But then when you are comparing.. you need to know whats there on the other side right? I dont see that happening with this guy.. He doesnt know any damn thing about the activities goin on  .net platform  and he still wanna comment on it.   In  his session he wanted all students to contribute to community.. when i asked him if  there is any community in Bangalore , he defended saying “you start your own community!!!!..”  I think he was just stupid…

     i admire Java and its very close to my Heart. But at the same time i do love c# and .net.  People like Vineet are just spoiling the name of  the company which they work for, instead of doing some real good things.  I think SUN should really  take care on this.. because even in SUN TECH DAYS i have seen some real stupid people like Vineet handling the sessions,  SUN should make sure that they have proper people to appear in evangelizing their Technology or else at the end of the day its the company which is in the soup.



  1. its really depresssing dat a Sun Sytem evangelistwud speak in such a prejudiced manner…dat ws very UNPROFESSSIONAL thanks for bringing it to light…i hope he reads it n doesnt repeat it…he shud b more well versed with contemporary technologies and groups around, n less prejudiced .

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