Media Mania!

 I was just listening to one of the stupid conversations of the CNN IBN "Public ka Kaptan-The Lagaan series.." Not only the name looks stupid, the discussion is even more stupid. never thought that  kris srikanth is sooooo stupid…..  Now the discussion was on Sehwag.. just because he had a poor run in couple of matches.. for heaven's sake why cant media people leave Cricketers to just enjoy their profession. At end of the day even they are human beings and not Robots.  The Sachin's episode was pathetic.. Media starts comparing Sachin with Sourav.. how stupid this could be.. Sachin is legend and cant be compared with any one.. Sourav is not worth a place in a team.. i can justifiy it.. Firstly he is not in a proper frame of mind  to be in team.. secondly  he is a bane for teams fielding.. thirdly he doesnt set a good example for jurior players. He is not a all round batsmen. Every one knows whts souravs weakness. They have sorted him out..   On the other side Sachin is fine…  even though he has a rough patch ..  He is a back bone of the Team.  He is a moral booster ,an ideal example for junior players.     The problem with indian Media is that they over do things….. There was no need to sensationalize both sachin, saurav & greg chappell issue..   I think its high time for media to just drawline …..



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