New Generation of Java Swings !

       I was always wondering why Sun or  JCP  has not  initiated to work for the betterment of Swings.  It was just about time.. Here is  a new way of programming Swings with XML, called JAXX its a framework which can be used to program Swings with Xml, and stylesheets such as CSS.. Its just amazing.. for .net enthusiasts its called XAML… 

     Yes, The performance is amazingly improved , infact i can see lot of improvement  from J2sdk1.5.  Swings are nomore slow N prone to freeze or stuck..  So now i think we can enjoy building Swing Applications. JAXX doesnt use any new classes as such.. It uses the same  java Class Libraries that of Swings, But the Way you program is completely different, instead of coding for .java files you would code for .jaxx…  Here is an Article to know more about JAXX n kick start working on JAXX.. I had attended one of the sessions in Sun TechDays, but there was some stupid trainees demonstrated  JAXX, presentation was really sick, N these trainees were talking all crap.. so couldnt enjoy then.. but now then i just got my hands dirty with this..  I am really lovin it!   cheers Swings!


First Stage of my project

Well,There has been a small progress with my Project.   I have just finished the GUI of the Server Module. Need to work on the XML(SAX2) for serializing  and deserializing the data. I really didnt wanna go for Webpage and Database to avoid the messy Webserver and  making things to be easy for porting my application very simple.  I will be using Sun wireless Toolkit which is free.. there are so many API's like Atinav,Rococo, Bluez,Avetana etc.. but Sun has provided the required things in its wireless toolkit..its a best deal…..for those of you whos wondering about my project .. its just a simple Bluetooth application which automates some normal processes in a Restaurant.. N The desktop acts as a Server and the bluetooth enabled Mobiles acts as a client..

Final Semester ~!

 hi folks..  ya i am in final semester of MCA.  Trust me this is the toughest sems of all the semester in our MCA. We have 6 Subject with a project.  

          I am looking forward for my Final Sem project. I have thought of a decent idea N has started working on it.  its a small Bluetooth Application.. I have thought of doing Server Side applicatin with Swings. i had lots of options to code at serverside.. At first i thought of doing in C#, then thought of experementing with SWT(standard widget Toolkit) and finally stuck with Swings(JFC).. I thought like its been long since i enjoyed the pain of Swings..   SWT was a good alternate but  i had to configure my Eclipse for developing it , which takes some time which i dont have!……..  Just downloaded the Nokia SDk for s60 Series  N a plugin EclipseME  and configured it….

           I would be working with JSR-82 for bluetooth..  Its amazing that J2ME has great API s to work on bluetooth and i am still exploring it..

           I am excited with this new project N  i will certainly take through the entire stage of this Project Development..  keep an eye on this blog!