Final Semester ~!

 hi folks..  ya i am in final semester of MCA.  Trust me this is the toughest sems of all the semester in our MCA. We have 6 Subject with a project.  

          I am looking forward for my Final Sem project. I have thought of a decent idea N has started working on it.  its a small Bluetooth Application.. I have thought of doing Server Side applicatin with Swings. i had lots of options to code at serverside.. At first i thought of doing in C#, then thought of experementing with SWT(standard widget Toolkit) and finally stuck with Swings(JFC).. I thought like its been long since i enjoyed the pain of Swings..   SWT was a good alternate but  i had to configure my Eclipse for developing it , which takes some time which i dont have!……..  Just downloaded the Nokia SDk for s60 Series  N a plugin EclipseME  and configured it….

           I would be working with JSR-82 for bluetooth..  Its amazing that J2ME has great API s to work on bluetooth and i am still exploring it..

           I am excited with this new project N  i will certainly take through the entire stage of this Project Development..  keep an eye on this blog! 



  1. Hi dude, 2 things I wish to tell 🙂

    1. GUI designer in netbeans 5.0 is just awesome! (*almost* like VS)
    2. J2ME support is out-of-the-box and configuring is damn easy 🙂

    May i know what app u r building?

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