Java 6 Mustang

 Mustang a.k.a Java 6 is ready for final release at 2006 end, Beta is already available for Download. Its a Sun’s next major release of the Java SE platform. Seems to be very interesting with some amazing cool features.. They are enhanced much awaited UI and there is lots of new features like Javascript Integration within the language etc..  N it has integrated Web Service , They have also improved the Java Debug Architecture, Java Authentication and Authorisation Services.. and the list goes on…… Read this for more . 


Exams !

    Its been only exams and only Exams for some time.. coz  our Final exams is also in the corner.. So got to slog badly.. Unlike other universities curriculam.. Our Final Semester is the toughest of all semesters stacked with all concrete subjects.. cant take any of the subjects easily.. 

       In midst of  exhausting Academics got to get ready for Aptitude N other stuff.. why on earth ppl  conduct aptitude for  freshers…. is some thing a corporate world needs to answer.. 

   Anyways, me signin off …. lots to study..