Connecting PC and Phone with Java Bluetooth API

      Its great to see  people around ,who really put in there effort just for  passion towards the technology..     It is when you think of doing your academic project or some project to experiment, your creativity is at your best. Well if anybody had an idea about connecting the Bluetooth Device with your PC with an adhoc Bluetooth Network.. This is  the place for you to refer, Ben Hui(Author name) has  created  an .dll for windows XP and provides the BlueClove Stack  to interact with the PC and your Bluetooth device. I think with this stack on your PC, we can make wonders with the available bandwidth.  All it needs is a Bluetooth Adaptor or Dongle on your PC with the BlueClove Stack, j2se N you are ready to make some Jing Bang WIreless Application..  Dont you think its interesting then wht are you waiting for….. kick off your creativity and make some thing happening!


BenHui!!- Bluetooth Programming in Java

  I  was very much in a need of some thing which can help me out to program my project on Java for Bluetooth.  I  caught hold of this real good site for Bluetooth enthusiasts its called .  The website speaks all about Bluetooth stacks and MIDP(Mobile Information Device Profiles). Its a typical forum for your queries… So iam sure this quick log would help out for all newbies.. cheers..

XML Serialization and Deserialization in Java

 I was just exploring quite a bit for Serializatiion and Deserialization of  Objects to XML.. Initially i thougt of doing it with SAX and DOM which i had already done in my internship.     SAX and DOM is great but it takes lots of code..  i came across the  library from thoughtworks.. its called.. XStream its amazing.. Its very easy.. interested people just go through the Article…