RSS Reader!

    Yes, Back with some interesting idea, I  have an idea of designing and developing an RSS Reader. ya i know , we have got umteen number of RSS readers. So i wanted to have some features which isnt there in other  RSS Readers.  So i would like to request all you guys to give some inputs if you have any , so that i can try to have it in the new RSS Reader.. BTW i  thought of making the code available to any one who is interested to enhance it .. SO just pull up ur socks N give some inputs..



  1. i.e. just code/get a web server and give it a REST based API … so ur app can easily sports both a web based interface and ofcourse Desktop Based … i.e. both the interfaces are REST clients … my suggesting pick RSSBandit/RSSOwl both opensource prj while former is in .Net later in Java … fix some bugs thus getting acquintant with the code and then fork it to ur needs … 🙂

  2. i learnt a lot by reading code that others hv written … and take a print out … trust me that much better … and ha if u do some bug fixing u can always write the same on ur cv … coz u bug fix make it to cvs along with ur name so the recruiters can always verify ur claim …i did just that and it help me clinch an offer … all the best

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