Language Wars!

   Well, It has always been a big fight b/w Java guys and .Net guys.  Its a great news for Java guys according to a survey by eweek magazine and which says Java is  one language which can be used for diverse requirements.

This link gives the top 10 Languages 

and another article which says :-  “Top 10 Languages to Learn, Java 3x More Jobs than C#”,1759,2016415,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594   check out the Jobs requirements of Languages.. Its mind boggling to see none are near to amount openings for Java Professionals.

         Sun acquires JRuby, the Ruby version for JVM .. its a great initiative from Sun ..



  1. 1. As long as their are programming languages, there will be flame wars. 🙂 We all love them, dont we?
    2. Job opportunities in a language does not make it good for me – there are tonnes of jobs open for cobol – man I just hate that language.

    Btw, I have seen some proposed changes to C# (C# 3.0) which look interesting.

    Talking about .net, java and juby, well, the only difference between .NET and Java was the language support. .NET said that you can code in any language that you prefer, and ultimately it will be bytecode that will be generated – MSIL they call it, right? Java, though a platform, was more centered around a single programming language – Java. Things are changing now, it seems, and there are a host of new languages to be supported on the JVM – look out for something called Semplice – VB on JVM and ofcourse JRuby. The best thing though is that JDK6 (its not supposed to be called Mustang anymore, sad), has Rhino – mozilla’s open source Javascript engine built in. How cool is that!

    All I can say is that I like .NET, they ended waking up a giant which had gone to sleep.

  2. @Rohan, Glad to see your commments on my thoughts.
    C# 3.0 is having some interesting specifications like LINQ(Language Integration Query:-, but still i am very anxious about its usage,as the scope for leveraging the power of SQL in programming is not that significant , I think time should only let this know..
    Talking about .net, java, i feel sun shouldnt take the footsteps of MS to host multiple languages on JVM. yes its true that it helps the developers as they can go ahead with there fav language, N obviously the less learning curve. But looking at the .net i dont think its encouraging to have multiple languages on JVM for the reason that Developers stick with only major languages like Java, C#, VB etc.. I havent come accross any developer in any company developing .Net application wiht J# and integrating it with C# application or VB Application , It would be an overhead as the CLS(Common Language Specification) Layer need to do the extra work of negotiating with the diff Language specifications.
    Instead,i feel SUN can concentrate on the performance, Desktop Framework, and a Quality IDE, Netbeans is fine, still i really feel uncomfortable when i need to edit the Swing code of the Drag N drop component.. it just doesnt give the cushion for the developer to edit directly instead has to depend on the Properties.
    ya, its true .net has woke up the sleepin giant. I am sure, Good is yet to come from java in near future.. Cheers!…

  3. I do agree to your views somewhat about different languages not being used in the same project. But, partly the decision of Sun seems to be driven by
    1. Marketing needs (have different languages supported to cut the MSFT PR campaign about .NET)
    2. Give others a choice. My project is completely Java based, but we do use Jython a lot. You got to accept it, sometimes some languages are just too good for a particular area. I think Sun understands this and hence is pushing for different language support.

    As for your other points:
    1. Performance seems to be a high priority, tonnes of improvements in Java 5.0 and more coming
    2. Java Desktop: I think, the best deltas between JDK5 and JDK6 are in the Java desktop area. Java desktop is receiving unprecedented attention man. I hope you have had a look at SwingLabs and read the blogs of the SwingLabs guys. Amazing stuff is happening there.
    3. Netbeans issue: I agree. If you have come from Visual Studio lineage, Netbeans is far from perfect. But the best part is, YOU can improve it. Netbeans is completely open source, and you can implement the features you want and contribute it back to the Netbeans Community. It’s not easy, but it’s a shame if one doesnt like challenges :-).

    Like they say: “Every good piece of software starts by solving a developer’s personal itch!”

    (Let me know if you pursue the idea of digging into Netbeans further. I can save some initial headache that you might get.)

  4. 1) yes, I agree that the use of certain languages is best suitable for a particular area.
    2) I am keeepin a close watch on SwingLabs projects like aerith, SwingFrameworks N stuff.. JAX..
    3)Regarding the Netbeans, I have already got my hands dirty working on some GroupLayout.. still digging on it.. Offcoz i am looking to try N improve Matisse gui.. was goin through ur tech blog N Tim Boudreau’s tutorials about the plugin. i certainly sound you when i require your tips N tricks to make our IDe the Best!

    4) Is the architecture of JVM changin as it is hosted my multiple languages? is there any layer like CLS implemented? N wht about JAX ? its still a CTP.. any chances of having JAX in JDK6.. I think JAX is amazing..

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