JTable with JProgressbar

This component has a JTable integrated with the JProgressBar. Check out the Code…



Rename to the .java and compile and execute the table.java file. Make sure all files are in the same package.


Synthica- Look N Feel for Java Swing, Mig Layout,Novell Linux 10

Synthetica is another Look n Feel for Java Swing .Synthetica is based on Synth, which is part of version 1.5 of the Java2 Platform Standard Edition. It looks of the components is with rounded borders, shadowed popup menus, nice icons and a new, fresh look. Moreover, it enables we developers to modify existing LAF’s, or to create their own LAF only by editing a xml based configuration file ie .propertry files. Developers don’t have to write complex Java-GUI-Code, but can integrate their own code. more

Mig Layout is another free and opensource Layout Manager for Swing and SWT , Its versatile. Its a combination of GridBagLayout and independent of Swing or SWT, MigLayout is suppose to be better than JGoodies FormLayout. more

Finally here is a cool video of NovellLinux 10 XGL. Its amazing….