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Microsoft wants to put Linux OS in Zune..  more here

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Google joins Eclipse foundation!

Its true, Google has joined  Eclipse Foundation. Google uses Eclipse as their main tool for GWT (Google web Toolkit) .  Another feather in the cap for this multipurpose IDE.  

        I really wonder now what google is up to in the near future.. Do they venture a platform where in any language can use there framework?  Yes, already GWT is in that lines.  But still i wonder if google is on a mission to give a new platform or new way of developing Application to the world.

  More details about Google joining Eclipse foundation here

    cheers for all  good work by google!

Dynamic Language Support on the JVM

  I  had been a big fan of Python from some time.   Now JVM is supporting the Dynamic Languages like Python, JRuby, Java Script. Its great to see the new dimension. 

  So whats special about Dynamic Languages like Python? 

 The answer is “Pragmatic thinking” and ease to use.

   So if you wanna know wht JDK6 gonna offer for Dynamic Language Enthusiasts. Just click here .