Myths about Linux.

Myths about Linux.

  •  Linux Installation is nightmare
  • Configuaration and never ending plumbing work.
  • Driver problems
  • need to use commands for everything
  • you need to be a geek to use linux

I just installed Ubuntu Linux  and here is the answer for above myths.

>> Installation of Linux is a nightmare  :- I installed this OS on my desktop in 12 minutes, with out any hick ups!

>>Configuaration and never ending plumbing work.Driver problems  :- I never had to install my display,lan,sound drivers manually. Linux kernal detected it at the time of installation itself.

>>need to use commands for everything  :-need not use commands, if you use package managers like automatrix or synaptic package manager(default one)

>>you need to be a geek to use linux  :- Now i understand that you need not be a geek to use linux.

Ubuntu, Gentoo are the two linux which i think is really changing the people’s perspective about linux.