Google in news again. recently it released the  Guice(pronounced as Juice) , a light weight java injection framework just like Spring. But the Guice is more light weight according to the google, there is no comparision to Spring as this can be called as rehashed Spring Framework.

              The frame work seems to be interesting with compatiblity of all the java 5 features like Annotation processing, varargs etc.   It is just because of the tag “Google” makes me feel very special and curious to know the the framework more, because it would be the best, Google has a very good habbit of delivering best things to the world, Its contribution to the world will always make a very good impact, it changes the way to think.

        So how did all these happen? how did google come up with this framework? what made them to come up with this framework?   Well, the answer is offcourse “Requirement”, as they say “Necessity is the mother of all Inventions”, this is no different.  Google wanted some framework to build Adwords, which is light weight, supports generics, annotations.. but couldnt find one ,so came up with one which has all those features, Now thats google for you.  cheers google!


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