2nd BOJUG Meet

Finally, we are having the second BOJUG meet on 26th of this Month. And i happen to be one of the speakers for this meet, will be speaking on Java FX script and webservices. Right now i am working on demo’s. I feel demo’s is what all matters to understand the technologies. i am trying to build some cool demo’s , I hope to think about some ideas which really makes the audience get interested.

For more info and Registrations see this



JavaFX- Latest Sun Innovation!

JavaFX is the new Scripting language. its a declarative statically typed language and can directly speak with the java api.

JavaFX  enables to develop create

 rich media and content for deployment on Java environments. Click Here and here  to know more about this.

     Recently Silver Light of MS made a big news .  I could see the articles about the silver Light all over the blog space.    And i am sure Java FX gonna make not only web but also the hand held devices more richer…………..

 Here is the Screen shot..