My new Venture

In the Open source world. People always have a impression that in here ie India, there is no much of the contribution to the Open Source. I completely agree that its true, the reason is the environment we work in, The company we work is only interested in making money and they care damn about there contribution to the technology. offcoz there are few companies which doesnt belong of this category. currently i am unfortunate of not being a part of such a company 😦

i dont say the open source commitment has to be full time or make it a compulsory. Atleast the companies should have a cushion for its employees to allow if they are interested and provide some kinda compensation for the same. By allowing its employees to work on open source is gonna yield company in many ways. First and foremost thing is that the employee of that company will be completely equipped with the cutting edge Technology(where in most of the companies still 2-3 yrs behind in this..) , So whats stopping people in india to not be a part of the open source communities. Its not only the companies which needs to be blamed , but its even the individuals themselves wouldnt be very interested .. we cant help these radicals though..

I think this will help the employees to enjoy there work . At the same time come up with some phenominal innovation. Because i believe that a innovation or a creativity will happen only when you are free to do what you wanna do and no deadlines or no jolts putting pressure to just get done with the work..

Well , the moral of the story is that opensource community is a good place for any one who is  interested to learn and share, enhance the knowledge. I recently joined Jython Community.

As of now , i am just going through the code and i am really excited about this. I hope i can do some thing good to this Dynamic Scripting Language, and will keep updated about the same once there is some progress.


Java EE 6!

Yes, we are heading to Java EE 6. And it has some interesting specifications click here for JSR316 . As the specification says like java EE platform is huge with lots N lots or APIs the actual focus is lost. The full blown technology might not of of use for certain projects., may be a subset of the Java EE might be required. These considerations are happening in the JSR 316 ie Java EE 6.

Its really fascinating to see the great tech guys from IBM, Oracle, capgemini participating in this JSR. One brand which i would love to have a part of this JSR is Google. I think if the google would have had some commitment towards this project, it would have been great.. But you never know it may join sooner than later.

Here is the very good write up about the Java EE by Interface 21 team Blog

Thoughts about my new found Love ahem :D

Its leightweight , sleek , cool.. it has everything you wanna dovelop! Ok now stop jumping into the conclusions. I am talking about the new NetBeans 6.0. The Best open source IDE i have seen till date for java , EE , ME . I must admit, NetBeans team has done a phenominal job on NetBeans6.0. The best part of the Netbeans is that its complete. I use to prefer eclipse for web apps and for swing apps, eclipse is kinda not productive even though there is some plugin called Visual Editor. I think the Visual Editor doesnt handle the Layout problem effectively. And as far as the ME is concerned, It involves lot of time to configure. There is nothing out of box.

Recently i was just playing around with the Netbeans M9 build and was really excited about the UML and offcoz Bean binding, JPA, integrated SUN Server.SOA support,Swing application framework, and tons N tons of features. Its really cool to have your pojo binded to the columns of the table(ORM), N ya one of the feedback to Netbeans team is to have a loose coupling though. But i think it will be done in coming builds.

Well, everything was not rosy, i did had an hick up when i tried to plugin the SwingLab plugin to Netbeans 6.0. It fired Null pointer Exception. But i am not sure if these builds support these plugins. still have logged it as a bug in issuezilla, hope that will be of some use to the team.

Out of context : People looking to work on some thing different and very innovative. Just check out JBI(Java Business Integration)