Get Groovy on JVM!

I was completely taken for a shock to know the power of th Groovy.

Groovy is well integrated with the new api’s like SwingX Components. Another feature of groovy which is very much unlike ruby or Python is that, we can substitute the ANT scripting from XML to Groovy called GANT. Now thats awesome is’nt it. I know some of you will think hard on this due the excuses better known to you. As far as i am concerned, I always believe that XML has been over used for configurations,Build scripts such as ANT etc. i feel XML becomes clumsy to handle once the code grows. Anyways no flames on XML though.

As far as the closures inclusion in Java is concerned, I was actually in doubt like if it makes the language more complex .. as some tech folks doubt. But i feel the Closures syntax in Groovy is awesome, can have it in a main stream Java & its not complex.

I feel Groovy would have been better option instead of Java FX (F3) for Rich client Applications, I honestly feel Groovy would have been a easy contender to have new API’s required for the Rich Client Applications just stacked and its done. Language wise, Groovy is certainly sound and complete. GRAILS (Groovy on RAILS) is another reason for same.

The one area where Groovy lacks is the developer tools, Offcourse there are plugins for Netbeans(coyote), IntellJ Idea, JEdit, Eclipse.

Ok all said and done, Here is my first Groovy Script 🙂

printName={name-> println(name)}