Kitchen Sink!

I was just trying lots of stuff, in that process did learn some interesting things. tried out antlr , its an interesting tool for language grammar similar to Lex & Yacc . It has a simple editor called antlrworks, its a good tool with all basic features like, console, debugger,stack, Syntax diagram. Again the problem is that, there is lack of documentation. Version3 and version2 has some significant differences. Unfortunately, in India The definitve ANTLR Reference is not available . I am on a hunt to get some proper book, so its a bumpy ride till i get hold of it.I had mentioned in my previous post about the lack of tools for Groovy , the good news is that Geertjan has been working on the plugin for the netbeans 6.0, The best part about this is that, he is documenting each and every step on his blog. I have been following it and building an plugin for groovy, Its still not complete though, its taking a good shape. The net beans 6.0 rocks! i must say it again and again.. The Generic Language Framework(project Schliemann) is really an amazing stuff, can build the netbeans module supporting your language of interest very easily with a declarative Language. The language syntax is similar to the EBNF , can define lexical structure of your language tokens by regular expressions ;-)


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