def post = {Grails-> print “groovy on rails Rocks!” }

I have tried Python, Jython, Groovy. Now on JVM if you really wanna get some functional programming recipe on JVM, Groovy the one to look for… I am very much impressed by the simplicity and flexibility of the groovy. Recently i was trying some of the webframeworks for Python(as python hosting is free :)) , did try out, seems to be quite compact and simple but its still in development phase so bound to change. I also had a look at the cherryPy, which is more or less on the same lines as The web framework for python is pretty good but one thing which i wasnt comfortable was that of the templates. They have umpteen number of templates , one of the prominant one is of cheetah, web py has its own template now…. hang on.. my blog title says that this post is about some thing called GRAILS right? yep, I did try out groovy on Rails, Its the best framework i have seen till date for web application. The process of development is fast, agile , simple. The groovy scripting itself gives productivity and GRAILS , which can be thought of as an combination of well known frameworks such as spring, hibernate is just awesome. I could develop an basic application of CRUD in less than 10 mins, which is unbelievable. The amount of code required is hardly 2 lines.

GRAILS doesnt require groovy to be installed as groovy-all.jar(if i am correct) is embedded with the in GRAILS, It also has hsql(inmemory DB) and the light weight Webserver(Jetty webserver). So there is no need to set up an environment. Infact you dont even need to have an sophisticated IDE.

Grails can be integrated with well known frameworks hibernate, JPA etc. The integration with ejb3 and any other Java EE framework is like a breeze. I think Groovy and Groovy on Rails or Grails is the next big thing on JVM. It adds the whole new dimension to the JVM platform.

BTW I am delivering a session on Groovy and Grails on November 3rd,2007 at Qsoft Systems & Solutions. The details of the meet is as follows. If you are in and around bangalore and interested to attend the UG meet, can attend.

BOJUG meet Details :-

Venue :- Qsoft Systems &Solutions,

#253/19, 1st Floor, Kanakapura Road,
Jayanagar 7th Block,
Bangalore -560082.
Tel : +91 80 2663 9207, 2654 4135, 2244 0507
Fax : +91 80 2663 7692

Date & Time :- Nov 3, 2007, 11-30AM


Pushlets by Harish Singh

Groovy and Grails by  me 🙂



The BOJUG meet is gonna happen on Friday 19th at SUN MIROSYSTEMS . This meet is a special meet as Roumen is in town. It would be great to learn some tips and tricks on Netbeans 6.0.

The details of this meet is as follows:-

Topic :- IN and OUT of NETBEANS 6.0

Speaker :- ROUMEN STROBL, Netbeans Evangelist

Date and Timings :- 19th Oct 07, 6:00 PM.