(setq me lispy)

Its been early days for me with LISP. A great deal of time went in searching the tools like tutorial , IDE , LISP compiler etc (its indeed a confusion to choose). finally everything is settled down , guess which editor is chosen for LISP? its Eclipse, the CUSP plugin is great though the lisp purists argue that emacs or slime is the ideal one. I feel eclipse + cusp = great LISP environment.

As for as tutorials for LISP is concerned SICP is the best but i feel the Apress publications Practical Common LISP is some thing which i can digest. I have been using the LISPBOX which is tailor made for the newbie like me. Its just simple download , decompress and launch the SLIME else install the CUSP (be sure to choose the CLISP of LISPBOX instead of SBCL which is a default LISP for CUSP plugin). And there you are up and running your LISP environment.

LISP is extremely interesting. I initially had an idea like its only meant for stuff like AI, or some mathematical computing, but i was thrilled to learn that its not the case. You can use LISP to develop some webapplication as well. it has a persistance called Elephant and the web server called Hachentoot.

LISP is really cool and i am sure i shall get use to it in some time. do check this section for more updates.



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