New year Trekking..

I wanted to trek to some isolated place, and i was always speaking with people about it. Finally i got a chance to trek for mukthi holey falls which is near the honnavar. The place is absolutely brilliant and completely isolated.
We were 6 people Sandeep, Krishna , Raju, vinod , sahil and offcourse me. Initially it took lot of time to get this trek planned and going because of people being on/off to the trip due to one or other reason.

So it was on 30th around 9 PM we left Bangalore reached hadinbala around 9 next (31st dec) morning, stuffed some idlis and buns. It was time for us to find the hirebailu, People at hadinbala said its around 1 KM But it was actually more than 20 Kms from Hadinbala , The road was bad at its best! Our driver started nagging about the road, some how reached the Hirebailu by 11 i believe. And We spoke to Mahadev Nayak about whom i had read at We requested for some one to guide us through to the Mukthi Holey, But no one was available because it was the season to work in the fields so none of them were free , Finally after much await one guy by name Udaya came with us to guide us till mukthi holey. All was set and we just packed our selves and started the trekking. I was feeling really good to trek after a very long time. Initially we had to travel through the forest for say around 10 kms and the inital trial had a forest route in between some narrow shrubs and some cliff. finally we reached the place where we were suppose to take a diversion which is kind of not really easy to spot as its not easily visible. This guy who was a guide called udaya told us to take a right and we were wondering where the hell is route , because its such a route which is steep and covered completely by shrubs, hardly one can imagine that we could actually go through it to reach mukthi holey river bed. We trekked for around 30-45 mins in that route , they had marked on the trees as a clue and we were going in a zig zag way finally we reached the river bed , It was great feeling to reach till here, We spent some time hanging around and taking some good snaps of this place , Raju suggested to have some food before we move further , I had a loaf of bread and which we were suppose to share but unfortunately once the Raju took couple of slices and threw it to me and i couldnt catch hold of it , as a result the entire bread fell into the water. There was a small well kinda thing happened due to the water corrosion , it was filled with the water, Our bread fell in there. Sandeep was against leaving the bread just like that inspite of we arguing that it might become a food for fishes in the water (even though we couldnt spot a single fish out there), finally he took that water soaked bread and packed into the plastic cover but still some of the bread remains was left out in the water( some how this left over bread in the water was a big help when we were coming back :)).

We started trekking against the flow on the river bed , After some time we saw some village people and we were shocked to see people out there , we just asked them like how far is the actual Mukthi holey water falls for which they saild like it takes 20 mins, we wer kind of relieved to know that but still we had quite a ground to cover. i was completely drained out, made me understand that my stamina has taken a beat after my college days due to less physical activities.

After some more trekking we reached the Mukthi falls and it was really great to have been successfully done so. Now we were extremely hungry and we were badly in a need of some food. Raju and Vinod mobilized themselves and got some water from the river (water is crystal clea r) cooked some rice it took more than 20 mins and we just mixed the rice with gojju which krishna had got and started eating and it was one of those times you understand how good a food can be :0) , It was getting dark so sandeep , Raju, Krishna got ready to get some fire wood, we all switched our torches , sandeep had his own head lamp which was awesome , chopped some wood from tree and now it was time for us to reach the other side of the river as this side didnt had enough place for us to sleep more over the curds and rice had make the place messy and some rats were around to have a feast out of it. So we crossed the river in the dark with the help of torches carrying the fire wood, some these were very lengthy and was quite a big log. We finally settled down and lit a fire an took some snaps. finally we slept on the  mountain which was big enough for 5 of us on the sleeping bag, I some how didnt get the sleep, some of them had a good sleep.  It was 12 am night Krishna woke every on and wished “Happy new year” but none of them were that enthusiastic to reply back to his wishes as the trek had taken toll on most of us.

Next morning we woke up and planned to reach the next level of the water fall.  We just tried to ascent from the left side of the water falls, the land was very loose so we had to watch out every single step , it was a very tough part of the trek, some of us went ahead and found out that there is yet another big mountain which is next to impossible with out ropes to climb , hence we dropped the idea of reaching to the next level of the water fall and started to climb down, it was so steep  that we had to just sit and get down very slowly.

Once we got down some of them went for swimming and after that we had our break fast and started our trek back to hirebailu. The river bed trek was very smooth while coming back  didnt really tire us or atleast me . The place which i mentioned that we had to take a diversion from the river bed had arrived but none of us identified and we moved further, there we came to the place where in we couldnt move ahead  as there was water around , we started wondering if we had come across this place , Sandeep took his GPS and tried to figure out if we were on the right path, unfortunately  that GPS was not ble to  communicate with the satellite in that deep valley, But we all knew that we have come further so we started walking towards the opposite direction , Now we were just walking blindly because that was the only option left , secondly we didnt had the services of GPS to figure out our actual path,  We  had just reached the place where we were suppose to take diversion , but not all of us had found this out but all of the sudden vinod pointed out the bread which we had dropped previous day and we were shocked to learn that we  had failed to figure out  this place inspite of the confidence that we could.

We then took the diversion which our guide udaya had informed us previous day, and it was again a steep assent which we had to climb and it was tiring. Once we finished this assent we had to walk  back in the forest and reached the hirebailu and we met our driver and sahil, went to the honnavar, had good meals and left to Bangalore.

All in all it was a good experience . But one thing which was bothering me was the stamina which i had lost after my school days.



  1. Superb post man! Where are the photos? This part
    Now we were extremely hungry and we were badly in a need of some food. Raju and Vinod mobilized themselves and got some water from the river (water is crystal clea r) cooked some rice it took more than 20 mins and we just mixed the rice with gojju which krishna had got and started eating and it was one of those times you understand how good a food can be :0)

    Superb beyond words 🙂 simply loved it!

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