Apache ETCH

Recently there was a situation in one of the  project where in the existing legacy CORBA had to be replaced with some other technology .  One of the technologies which was considered was webservices though i thought like it might not be a right replacement , i always thought like th EJB would a perfect replacement. But again due to some unfortunate reasons , I understood that the requirements (not technical though it was of the management constraints…) even EJB or  any thing would fit the bill.

Web services is not a right replacement for corba because for the reasons such as webservices are not as fast as the CORBA which is understood due to the under neath parser which need to do the parsing. secondly the webservices are value based where as CORBA is of reference based. Thirdly the asynchronous messaging is not  some thing like what we get in CORBA(even though AXIS 2 has this asynchronous messaging ..).  I was pretty clear that WebServices is not a solution. So under this circumstances, we were kind of more than happy to explore the new technology called as the Apache ETCH , basically its developed by CISCO and has been submited to Apache . I was really excited to explore this new technology which says like its light weight and  its a perfect replacement to the bloated CORBA. Secondly Its very easy to use , Thirdly it really suits our requirement as its having an apache license.

Anyways i am in the process of  going through the ETCH code and i have decided to be an apache contributer to ETCH project. I am sure i will have loads to learn and  at the same time lots to share in this blog.



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