August BOJUG meet

We had a monthly BOJUG meet yesterday @ google. It was quite an eventful meet for the fact that we had at google and There were some fantabulous sessions on different topics such as , nosql from lifeblob co-founder Rakesh Ranjan, Eclipse lead boris, JVM Performance tuning by Vivekanand Jha, Open SAML by  Rashmi and Scala session by Siddarth kuruvilla.

It was quite a lot to fill in 2 hours. But some how we got lots of speakers this time and bit of confusion about the time. Anyways my favorite session among these were that of the JVM performance tuning, It not only interested me but i also motivated me to dig more about JVM and other VMs.

The session from Boris , Eclipse Lead was more about the eclipse 4.0, unfortunately we couldnt allocate enough time for all the speakers ,So that didnt really do much justice to the topics which they chose.  when i asked  Boris about the performance issue which we usually have with eclipse like freezing of the UI and taking ages to build when auto build is set on, I really didnt get a proper straight answer because they didnt had any fix to handle this issue in eclipse4.0, Anyways the eclipse UI looked pretty good.

Rashmi’s session on Open SAML as well was very crisp and just got heads up. The Rakesh’s session was about the Architecture and challenges they faced in there project, He was speaking about shard databases and mem cache and how it helped us.

All in all it was quite a eventful meet. While i was returning back home, got completely drenched in rain, fortunately i got some cover from security guy so that i could protect my laptop else it would have been in big mess, It was downpouring yesterday at Bangalore.


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