Oracle User Lead meet

It so happened around a week back where in i was invited by Oracle to have a User Group Lead’s meet.  I felt like lets just attend the meet and try to understand the plans and strategies Oracle has for the Communities.  I was joined by Nagpur JUG lead tushar joshi and Harshad Oak , Java Champion.  I knew these people virtually, but it was good to meet them in person.

Now as far as Oracle guys are concerned, there were some big people like having around 20 years experience with Oracle Australia and knows in and out of Oracle.  There  were 2  Customer Relation ship manager for APAC , Director at Chennai Oracle India and couple of other  Leads from Oracle User Group.

The  meet started of with the talks about what Oracle’s plan is and the strategies for the User Groups or community by relationship manager. She explained the hierarchy of the communities and etc.. Next talk was by a guy who had around 20-25 yrs of experience at oracle (dont want to mention the names of these people), Again said about Oracle and how working with Oracle is like playing with match box etc.  In between i had a question for this gentlemen( might not be one though ) about the plans for Jdk7 , mysql and redundant products for which the answer was that Oracle wont kill any product acquired by SUN.

At end of it all ,  it was clear that Oracle doesnt know much about how to handle communities such as JUG’s, offcourse they have around 400 Oracle User Groups (OUG),  But none of them is like JUG. Basically OUG’s are kind of product based user group and they have completely different vision and its kind of institutionalised unlike JUGs.

Oracle looks at the JUG as there marketing asset which is absurd . We  tried to pass on the message .  Only time will tell like how Oracle deals with the community.


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