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I see in every other advertisement  showcasing Nokia N8. This just says how hard nokia is trying to sell its so called best smart phone. Anyways i am not here to review the N8. The idea is to just analyze.  Nokia has always been an symbian advocate,  strong supporter , adopter of Symbian, it holds big stake than any one as of today, But the question is ,  Is symbian ready to take on Android , iOS ?? if nokia really wants to make some thing big , I guess they are banking on wrong OS (atleast for time being).

The company like Nokia has a huge goodwill in the mobile phone market, But i am quite sure that it has lost the market share offlate , it really doesnt take much for nokia to bounce back but it needs to be magnanimous , pragmatic in its strategies, when i say magnanimous i mean , like adopt the OS like android build the product which really blows away the existing smart phone market,  i guess the N8 was the right candidate to have had android on top of the good h/w offcourse N8 was underpowered for 24k, never the less if N8 would have ran Android i think the dynamics of nokia market would have changed significantly.

Now i am on telling nokia to abandon Symbian or for that matter even meego.  All i am trying to say is that , If nokia wants to compete the smart phone market, it needs to reach the level where in it can compete,  as they say ” spend significant amount of time in sharpening your axe rather than cutting the tree with the blunt one”,  am sure it really makes sense.    So Nokia should have just been pragmatic to have Android on N8 or  even meego would have been a right candidate,  may be in the mean time Nokia could have just spent enough time working on symbian 3 for to fill the gap to make it an better OS, But nokia miserably failed by giving N8 with half cooked Symbian 3 .   Now nokia finds itself  in a very clumsy position to look back and think what they could have done but better late than never.




  1. Reality is Android is signing for new mobile manufacturers at a frantic pace, … where as Symbian has been sticking steady with Nokia…and that’s about it.
    i can say Android is consumer “friendly” brand. Symbian is not !!!.

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