Android , IPhone , WP7

Offlate i have been hearing lot of criticism about Android from Apple fan boys, I  just wanted to put my thoughts about the same , So this post is all about :-

1. Why *NOT* android be compared with Iphone Or WP7

2. Why iOS or WP7 compete with Android and Why cant iOS or WP7 cant penetrate as that of Android.

3. Android and Plain Linux kernel or Meego for custom device.

4. Android is not open , According to Google open means closed ;P

1.  Why *NOT* android be compared with Iphone Or WP7 :-  Well, I have had  enough of hearing about this comparison of Android being cheap, clone of iphone no applications which can match to iphone standards, or no money for android application developers or no innovation happening in Android compared to Iphone  etc.

According to me this is all  just a FUD.  Android has been successful because its able to reach a common man.  Any body can download the android SDK and start developing  Android Apps.  Moreover android has been successful because it is offering what Nokia failed to offer.  Today every one is able to purchase Smart phones for just 7k and thats the reason android has been successful.

On the other hand IPhone fans are bothered because they might be feeling the heat already, I agree IPhone has fantastic h/w , s/w and some interesting apps. But It cant be compared to android for a simple reason that, it is not meant to be running on the custom built h/w  like that of IPhone or WP7.

Android is linux (almost), you cant compare linux with MAC! will you???  can some one dare to call Linux a poor mans MAC??? According to me Android enables many things due to its flexibility, It opens up wide market where in, it can be run on any custom device.

2. Why iOS or WP7 compete with Android and Why cant iOS or WP7 cant penetrate as that of Android. :-  This can be explained wrt  application development and OS . From OS point of view Android has been flexible any one with th kernel background can rip apart the android kernel or port it to any standard h/w in no time, and i am not even talking about the OEMS like samsung, HTC. Now people will raise the flag and say ,hey it leads to fragmentation. I completely agree but its not as bad as people portray it.  more explanation on Android fragmentation in another post.

Android has a very simple , decent ecosystem  to build applications unlike iOS(which needs MAC to develop iphone apps 😉  ).   Anybody with the experience of Java can start building applications .  I have tried to build an app on WP7 to simply invoke REST Service, could see the limitations and constraints.

And for people who talk about the innovation, Android can be run to drive a car! Now ca iOS do it ?

According to me Android cant be compared to either iOS or WP7.   iOS and WP7  are in race and they cant compete with Android…

3. Android Or Meego Or Plain Linux kernel for custom device  :-  If you are thinking plain linux kernel with contour (of KDE Project), or meego with proper app development environment and API to build beautiful applications , I am sure it will beat Android hands down in tablet market. But Nokia failed to do so,  as of now just counting on intel.

4. Android is not open , According to Google open means closed ;P :- Now this has been the complaint all the Android critics are pointing fingers at google .  Why do they forget that google has open sourced all the other versions till now and honey comb is just delayed thats all.. And i dont want to say too much about the legalities as i am not a legal guy.   Android is an excellent , flexible platform and it is flexible for every one, be it a mobile, tablet or any other gadget.  fyi

I was asked by some one like , how much money does your android app makes ? Well the question back to them is like on how many non apple devices does  iOS  run on ??  Yes,  i know the question looks *ridiculous* that its not meant for it ,  But that is how ridiculous if you compare Android with either iOS or WP7 in spite of  all these OS being run on similar devices and in cut throat competition, because all the three are different and has its own advantages and disadvantages.BTW i didnt mean that android is not meant for building apps as such, The platform is good and it has captured the market in a very small span of time and i am sure that its just about time for all android app devs to start earning. Just because you are a fan boy of one technology, you shouldn’t be bashing the other one.



  1. Nice one! I was preparing a similar post. Android has hit the Apple elitism way harder thn people expected it too. Android has helped making smartphones available for common man. People should understand that the “Next Billion Users” are not billionaires. They will be common people. Also when people say that UI/UX on iOS is great but I strongly disagree. UI/UX cannot be quantified and it will be biased for many reasons. Also iPad/iPhone users boast about the battery life..but hello…it doesn’t run flash! This anti flash support is one of the major reason for the good battery life of iDevices.

  2. Nice one! The whole post is from a developer/geek perspective. For a layman, UI/UX matters and so does the apps. Give an iPad and a Galaxy Tab to a 8 year old or 60 year old and let them use both. You will understand the difference and importance of apps and UX. Android is still way behind iOS and WP7 when it comes to UX. Things “might” change, but for now, this is the fact.

    It is true that the USP of Android is the affordability and I really appreciate it for that, but you can’t get away saying UI/UX is subjective and can’t be quantified. As I gave an example about getting a kid to use the iPad/Tab, you can see for yourself the difference, specially with the apps available on both platforms (Ex: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc)

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